Reading the Sullivans text The Great Nation of Futurity and looking at what life at American university life looks like, I cannot leave alone the fact, that the idea the country was built upon has vanished.

The essence of a country, ones pictured as a great nation, empire, that is not like any other, because it has no war history – no issues; that is based just on equality of man, on human rights of one, could it be not accurate today?

College life does not represent defence in humanity, it more likely seems as an hierarchical offense of humanity. What I have to determine as the saddest part of the devaluation of values is the adoption of such behaviour – individuals accept behaviour they may not agree with or even dislike, however end up performing it on younger classmates.

Therefore, I’m constantly raising in my mind following question: where is the principle this country was built upon? Where is the right of equality?

Why can I not eat eggs in school cantina before basketball team, why can’t girls dress up the way they want, why are they forced by society to fit it and be part of “something better”, why do people let their future friends push them to cleaning and allow to be called “a slave”.

Entering Dhall, bearing in mind sentence from the text by Sullivan: “Equality of rights is the cynoside of our union of States,” looking around and realizing that there is even a distinction of where different ethnics and clubs sit, crashes the idea to the very last piece.

Indeed, it is a lifestyle, I believe sororities do represent great values – friendship, help one another – but do they really?